Are you looking for Rare Parts Inc. OnLine Store? It has been relocated to where it has more bandwidth to serve you better.

Byte Designs Ltd. serves businesses locally and world-wide from its headquarters in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

If your business involves retail or wholesale distribution, general or automotive service please check out Byte Designs Tracker. Tracker is a software solution that starts at a counter or sales desk and continues on through inventory control to accounts receivable to purchasing. Visit the Tracker.Net website to learn more about Byte Designs Tracker Point-of-Sale, Inventory Control software.   

If you are a programmer that is starting a new database project or if you need to access legacy ISAM or C-ISAM data, check out DISAM at
If you are a business that is having difficulty in coping, Byte Designs offers its years of experience to help you get the most out of your computer hardware and software.
Rare Parts Lookup at the App Store.Need to lookup some Suspension or Steering parts? Checkout the Rare Parts app at iTunes.